Tuna Kahuna

Teach a person to fish and they will never go hungry!  Cheers to that!  So many fish, so little time.  As important as it is to know which ingredients compliment your meal, so are the techniques for catching them.  So let me plug in my two cents and remind you to check on your local fish limits so we can preserve our awesome fishing populations so there will be fish to enjoy for generations to come.  Ok, with that said, lets get to the yummy part.  Although we intended on chasing yellow fin, we came across some black fin tuna, which are just as easy to prepare and always delicious.
Out on the waters with Captain Justin Schumm, Captain Mike Theis with his awesome family and of course Poppa Smurf!  As you can see it was another Productive Day of afternoon fishing.  5 Mahi and 3 Blackfin Tunas in the boat.  Captain Justin Schumm made sure to bleed them out and iced them good right on the boat.  By the time we made it to the dock the fish was was perfectly chilled for a slice of sashimi.  Just a little wasabi and ponzu sauce is all it needs, if that.
The kids started getting antsy, but when the lines screamed they were ready, willing, and excited!  Captain Thies was a proud Poppa watching his kids bring in their catch.  Captain Justin Schumm drove the boat to all the sweet spots and made it for a great day!
Almost as fun as fishing was watching them eat up the freshly seared tuna pieces.  Tuna is so rich in flavor that a little goes a long way.  First, pat dry the pieces of fish and sprinkle with a touch of salt and pepper.  Fine chop parsley and sprinkle it with white and black sesame seeds on all sides on the fish.  In a large skillet get a thin layer of oil on high heat (you might want to get the vent and/or fans going).  You know it is hot enough when you drop a sesame seed in the oil and it sizzles.  Get the tuna on the pan and when the side start to turn white, turn it to the next side.  The key is to put it on a cutting board and put in the fridge immediately.  This cools the fish enough so that you can slice it without it falling apart.  You can serve with a tropical salad, white rice, or fried rice. And of course wasabi and Ponzu or soy sauce.  Kampai!  
Seen here with friend rice.

This next recipe comes courtesy of Jean from Lou's Giant Subs, which is not only a family owned landmark deli with the freshest and best subs (great to take on the boat too), but their walls are lined with pictures of locals and their catches.  The have awesome sandwiches, but it doesn't end there, their creative daily specials are mouth watering, and if you are lucky enough to catch and day when they are featuring their lobster bisque, well, don't get me started.  Oh yeah, tuna... So Jean, being the fabulous chef she is, is always coming up with innovative recipes, because lets face it, as a deli owner how many fish sandwiches can you eat before you begin to wonder how else you can cook your catch, right.  So from the gourmet kitchen I share with you Jean's Soy-Good Tuna Wonton Appetizer, Kampai!  The tuna caught for this recipe was brought in by Captain Justin Schumm at the Mike Schmidt tournament to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in the bahamas.    
 These little pouches encase a whole lot of flavor.
Only three are shown because they were being eaten so fast that I almost didn't get a picture.  Yum!  
Lay out your wonton squares on a clean counter top.   You can even sprinkle a little flour so they don't stick to the surface.  Get a pot of water with salt and olive oil and bring to a boil while you prepare the dumplings. Finely chop an 8oz piece of tuna, mix in minced garlic, fresh chopped cilantro, Ken's sesame ginger salad dressing, and sprinkle powdered ginger.  With a small spoon, scoop the mixture into the center of the square, make sure you leave a least 1cm border all the way around.  Fold the wrapper over, wet your fingers with water and seal the edges together to make a stuffed triangle.  
Julienne 1/4 vidalia onion and cut one bunch of this asparagus into three pieces.  Sautee in light olive oil with s&p.  On a platter, plate the veggies, as the dumpling float (about three mintues) strain them out of the water and place over the veggies.. Serve with ponzu sauce and wasabi aioli.